So, what is FLOCK?!

Why precisely flocked hangers ..?

  Flock is a very practical material, in terms of ease of use compared to others. Flocked surfaces are pleasant to the touch and have a rich color range.

Flocking is a technology by which a material with a smooth surface is given a textile appearance, which can be compared with fur, velor, velvet, suede. Flocking is carried out using electrostatic application of pile on the base, which is prepared in advance and covered with glue (adhesive).

The history of the use of electroflocculation methods begins in the 20-30s of the 20th century. Special interest in flocking appeared in the 70s, when the industry began to produce high-quality and cheap materials. Later, new directions emerged. The flocked surface should not only be a decoration, but in some cases it can also perform technical tasks: heat and sound insulation, optical (changing the reflection of light through a matting effect) and mechanical functions.

  Gone are the days when flocked hangers could be seen only in branded clothing stores. Today, flocked hangers, trempel, and shoulders are the beauty of an ordinary wardrobe in anyone's home.

The flocked hanger takes good care of your clothes. Flock allows things to hang on the shoulders without the risk of stretching or deforming, your clothes will hang exactly as you need - no stretched collars, no folds. The flock itself will never lose its color, it has no smell and is absolutely harmless, just like the materials we use in production.

Flocked hangers are not a luxury, they are a necessity for your wardrobe.